Endless #Galaxy of opportunities

Everything is possible. All we have to do is reach out and take it. And so on… ~everybody (sitting there and doing mostly nothing to accomplish something great)

After all the real hard work starts just after a great idea and ends before the time when it emerges to the public. Sometimes my mind is flooded with ideas (which is good) but nothing else happens (not so good). Other times I can not stop myself from doodling but none of the doodles is good enough. Well, I had to do something to trick my mind into creativity and balance the ideas with doodles. The plan is simple: draw and continue drawing for a month. Yes, 30 days of drawing… Wait… A month seems not enough, we need more: like a hundred days of drawing. Continuous, daily, extraordinary. Yes! I will call it #100drawingdays and WILL DO it. With your help. 

The starting date of 100drawingdays is not set yet. Neither are the rules I’ll keep you updated here and on my Twitter. Drawings will be posted most likely on Instagram and probably Deviantart.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions here as well as on my experimental profile on sarahah. Yeah, I know it is unstable and kinda weird platform, but it is anonymous feedback so why not. 

Yanbodon out.


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